Working from home, or from wherever you feel happiest and most productive

You know that’s what you want and deserve

Maybe it was the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, that gave you a glimpse of how an office-optional lifestyle could serve you, in a world where freedom and choice were restored. Or perhaps this is a transition you have sought for a long time – fulfilling a dream to live somewhere different, or spend time closer to your family or community.

It may be that you are facing uncertainty in your present role, or unwanted pressure to return to a shared workplace. Simply to take back those hours of your life spent travelling every week, often on costly and uncomfortable public transport, is reason enough for many.

Working remotely means different things to different people - it could include from a local coffee shop or coworking centre. It could mean accompanying a partner on an overseas placement, or travelling the world independently as a digital nomad.  Or it could mean creating the perfect environment for work in your own home, surrounded by the people and things you love.

You know you can do it, that the tools and resources you need are accessible, and that your motivation and skills are ready. All you need to do is find the right job to match your skill-set, and persuade an employer that you’re the best person to do it.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - start here

    • Introduction from Maya Middlemiss

    • Your course workbook

  • 2

    Remote work and you

    • Why do you want a remote job?

    • Starting with where you are now

  • 3

    Hunting for a remote job

    • Finding and filtering: Remote job hunting

    • Remote Hirers' Priorities

  • 4

    The remote job selection process

    • Remote job testing and interviews

    • Interview questions to expect and prepare for

  • 5

    Negotiations and next steps

    • Negotiating your remote job offer

    • Next steps and good luck!

  • 6

    Bonus material

    • Out Of The Office (book)

No "wfh make millions business in a box opportunity" here

Before we go on - this course is about using your skills and experience in the job market to secure the right position, to be carried out remotely.

It's not a programme or network to earn millions online, nor to meet attractive singles in your area. I can't help you to get hired for skills you don't have, or find jobs that don't exist, nor make your laptop print money - if you believe that is possible, there are plenty of scams out there ready to take your money...

I want to help you find your next job, and negotiate the means to work at it from anywhere you like. 

That's a realistic miracle lifestyle upgrade within your reach, if you follow the advice in this course.

Get started now

Take the first step in the direction of the new job you deserve

"Successfully Securing Your Remote Job" will help you:

  • Explore any potential for transforming your present job into a remote work opportunity which serves your future aspirations, before you jump ship to somewhere new.

  • Put yourself in the hirer’s shoes, and understand their preferences, anxieties, needs and expectations, when recruiting their next (or their first) virtual colleague

  • Prepare for typical interview questions with answers to demonstrate your competence, enthusiasm, and capabilities for working remotely online

  • Show up at your absolute best during online interview and testing sessions, looking and sounding polished and prepared for your essential conversation

  • Navigate the job hunting and advertising landscape, to identify the perfect matches for your experience and aspirations

  • Explore and understand your key drivers for making this transformation in your life - because your individual intrinsic motivation will be different to anybody else's.

  • Master the technology and audiovisual equipment you need, to shine in any online conversation (as well as those important job interviews)

  • Assertively and professionally negotiate remote terms of employment for the position of your dreams, removing risk for the employer and for yourself

Your instructor and course creator

Guiding you personally to the new role of your dreams

I'm Maya Middlemiss, and I have been working from home for 21 years, since the arrival of my ‘millennium baby’ changed my personal priorities and opened up new possibilities.

Since that time I have grown an international team entirely online, taught myself to manage online teams successfully, and navigated a continually changing world of collaboration and communications technology.   I have migrated my family to live in another country, and later shifted to freelance consulting, which now includes advising and supporting teams and individuals in their own transition to remote work.

Over those decades I have sat on both sides of the screen - as an interviewer/recruiter, and also as an applicant.  I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have seen potentially amazing candidates let themselves down with poor performance and lack of preparation, and I have made my own mistakes before I learned to understand and explore individual motivations and attributes for successfully work remotely.

I am the author of the Healthy Happy Homeworking books and community, and I want to help YOU to leap ahead of the learning curve - and join the remote work revolution.

Your bonus gift eBook

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A complete e-book edition of "Out Of The Office: Making The Transition To Working From Home", ready to upload to your personal e-reader of choice.

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  • This course is designed for self-paced individual learning, and you can purchase direct instant access for a fixed cost, and get started right now. You can do this!

  • If you need extra support in your job search and this lifestyle transformation, you can invest in the ‘Async package’ – this includes two x ‘Out Of Office Days’ with Maya, to address all your individual questions and issues as you move through the search and selection process.

  • Finally, we have the “Async + Coaching” package which includes a 90 minute one-to-one session as well as an Out of Office Day – this session can be used for interview practice, response brainstorming, or whatever you need most, to unlock your remote job success plan.

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